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Dr. Nasir Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation(DNPR) is the largest and most trusted group of your locality. Established in 2008. We are also Awarded twice continuously as a Best Business Excellence Award for the 2017 & 2018 by an USA based Analytical company by the source of Google.
We are presently running successfully 7 (Seven) Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation centres as an out source department all are associated with reputed and multi-speciality hospitals. In these Hospitals we manage all the requirement related to Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation like OPD, IPD, ICU, CCU, NICU ,PICU, SICU, Recovery, Joint Replacement, Dialysis, Orthopaedic Department, Neurology Department, Cardio-Respiratory Department, Gynaecology Department, Paediatric Department, Medicine etc.
We are also giving support to many hospitals for ICU, IPD and other special requirements.
We have a team of well experienced and certified more than 50 Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation experts which includes-

  • Physiotherapist.
  • Occupational Therapist.
  • Speech Therapist.
  • Special Educator
  • Clinical Psychologist.
  • Dietician.

We have a team of Home Care for those patients which are unable to come Centre or Hospital due to any specific limitations.

Awards & Recognition

  • Awarded as the Best Business of the 2018 Excellence Award.
  • Awarded as the Best Business of the 2017 Excellence Award.
  • Awarded as the BEST PHYSIOTHERAPIST For the year of 2016 by Dr. Harsh Vardhan the Central Minister at Ministry of Science and Technology India and Ministry of Earth Sciences in Delhi.
  • Awarded as the BEST UPCOMING PHYSIOTHERAPIST for the year of 2016 in Bangluru.
  • Done Series of Interview In ALL INDIA RADIO(AIR) in the Health Segment.

Our Specialization

Post Operative Treatment

Postoperative care is the care you receive after a surgical procedure. The type of postoperative care you need depends on the type of surgery you have, as well as your health history. It often includes pain management and wound care. Postoperative care begins immediately after surgery

Joints pain Physiotherapy

There are many types of injuries and conditions, which can be treated successfully by Physiotherapy. These range from ligament and cartilage problems to tendon and muscular strains. Any pain can also be due to overuse injuries, sudden injuries, bad posture any pathological problem such as arthritis, gout, infections, back pain, neck pain etc.

Occupational therapy

For promoting normal delivery, better health and strengthOccupational therapy (OT) is the use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, or maintain the meaningful activities, or occupations, of individuals, groups, or communities. It is an allied health profession performed by occupational therapists.


A dietitian alters their patient's nutrition based upon their medical condition and individual needs. Dietitians are regulated healthcare professionals licensed to assess, diagnose, and treat nutritional problems

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